The Paperless Office

Everybody’s talking about it, since years. The paperless office as a concept of the future, as something we all have to achieve sooner or later, even though most of us don’t have any intention of getting rid of their cellulose based hard copies. Weird isn’t it? Why can’t humanity live without printed shit on sheets of paper?

Fuck that said Orcsi already over a decade ago. Ok, Orcsi doesn’t really work anymore and her office is nothing but a spare bedroom with a desk and some computer shit in it. Still I’m doing a lot of work here, organizing RL photo shoots, writing on a novel, proofreading manuscripts by other writers, a lot of stuff. Actually most of that stuff other people couldn’t even imagine doing without printouts on paper.

Like one or two years ago I tossed my last printer in the garbage. It was covered in a thick layer of dust, the ink dried out, the paper sheets all yellow and wavy, and just wasting space in the shelf. Never really used it, and was much too cheap to buy new ink cartridges. So the inkjet thingy shared the same fate of our old laser printer.

Contrary to many colleagues I don’t mind reading even huge manuscripts from a screen, and since interchanging of manuscripts and drafts happens over the internet for me – being in SA, far away from Germany, makes that a necessity – I really fail to see any reason why I ever should use paper anymore. In fact I find the corrective process much easier on screen. So there you have it: Orca is paperless.

»But Orca, you surely must have the need to print something every once in a while! If not for you, then for other’s sake.«

Yes indeed, imaginative blogreader, sometimes banks and gov’mental depts want me to fill in some formulars and send them back to them. But tell you what, since I don’t have a fax machine I print those out and fax them from our local DVD rental/internet café/PC parts store. It’s very very cheap and saves me a lot of hassle.


So in fact I personally can’t think of any situation for which I’d need to have paper in the house … oh well :/

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