ACDC Enlightens Me

Fukn orstralian homos =^.^=

Never liked the heavy boogie woogie of AC/DC too much but I’m a real fangirl of our new LED Rechargable Flood Light from ACDC Dynamics. It’s a real lifesaver in these times of gov’mental departments failing and ESKOM – our state-owned electricity supplier – does loadshedding all over the country. Those fucks will be washed away during the next revolution \o/

Well, anyway at first I had the idea of getting a gas light, you know those camping lanterns. Much cheaper to buy … ya, but then you’d need to purchase replacement gas cartridges, which you have never in the house when the lights go out. Same goes for candles, as you’ve always seem to have used them up at the last BBQ and don’t have any left when you really need ’em. But then I found this wonderlight at the local hardware store. Woah, it’s expensive but looks pretty professional, doesn’t need any maintenance … and it’s awesome.

Switch on!

Aaaaaaaaargs 😮 Don’t look directly into the light!!! Stupid Orca 😦 Better we direct the floodlight so it shines and reflects from the ceiling. Diffuse lighting is much nicer anyway. Works pretty awesome that way.

Switch off.

This ACDC only needs 10 W of electrical power but delivers 600 Lumen for 3 hours with one battery charge. And 600 Lumen, I can tell you, is quite something. Just a couple days ago I flooded our whole parking lot in LED light to show the pizza delivery guy the path to our house. He could hardly express his gratitude when he was able to see again 😉 Loadshedding and nightly pizza deliveries have never been more fun.

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