Logan and Wendell are Doing It Again!

mqdefault… they tell us how it is. Watch another part of the Tek Syndicate’s TekLinux channel, today with a more philosophical than technical discussion about the Linux community which obviously sucks so much.

And, yes, this is actually the first time we see Wendell’s face … well, almost as he’s carrying a beard in order to apppear more scrubby and hide his babyface features. Teehee, just like hubby 😉 Much better than his usual hiding behind computer screens or a knitted viking beard.

Torvalds: uncoolest unhipster ever

But in all earnest now, does the Linux community really suck so badly? Are they/we just a bunch of arrogant/elitist snobs and hipsters? Are they/we totally intolerant and can’t accept that others don’t share their personal point of view, that other people prefer other desktops and operating systems. Do we drive more people away from Linux than inviting them with open arms? I guess the true bad guys are – as always and in every community – just a small minority of outspoken radicalist loudmouthes and the vast majority is accepting and sharing and trying to be helpful.

Stallman: the perfect blend of Jesus and Yeti

Is Linux afterall nothing more than a, OMG! Say it ain’t so!, a fashion fad? Here today, gone tomorrow, just like the hipsters who are now all jumping onto the system and its philosophy Linux bandwagon? Naaaw, can’t be. Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman are everything but hipsters, because being just a socially awkward penguin doesn’t render you a hipster by default. And the GNU/Linux system is much too good, makes technically much too much sense to leave it to the hipsters.


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