Berry’s Me, Myself and I Meme

How do you know Orca has access to her old blog again? Easy, she does Strawberry Singh’s monday memes again 😉 YAY!

Anyway this week’s meme was easy to find since Berry hasn’t posted anything new since Monday. And this time the meme is pretty easy, everybody can do it without a soul striptease and giving out to much personal sensitive data. It’s easy, will only take you a minute and goes somehow like this:

berryI am… questionably funny, mildly intelligent, often angry, always cuddly, mostly wrong, always hungry and thirsty, often tired, always sleepy, easily stressed

I want… a pony 😉

I have… a new computer and an old car

I wish…that anybody is still reading my blog

I hate… too many and too much to list

I fear… the USA

I search… hm … nothing I guess

I wonder… about too much stuff to list

I regret… some bad decisions

I never… did what I didn’t want to do

I always…do what I want to do

I usually… there is nothing usual in my life

I dance… never. But I do  silly walks

I sing… when nobody can hear me

I often… fuck up

I sometimes… sleep

I cry… never

I need… love

I should… work

I love… my hubby

See, that wasn’t very hard. If you wanna do it too, here’s a link to the list, so you don’t need to copypaste it from Berry’s bloggy.


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