Hey, survived the transition ok? Didn’t get hurt? All groovy? Super. So this is my new home, the home of Orcablog, the home of sexy bullshit and nonsense and politically incorrect but highly dangerous far left opinions. Oh and home of Linux and open source pieces and last but not least this is – as always – the home of a SL sailing blog 🙂

alterblogWhat you see there is the last post on my old bloggy … ever. Was a good, a fun time and I did quite well if I may say so myself. Let’s hope it’ll go on like that. And why shouldn’t it? Right?

Let’s indulge in some lame statistics:

  • 440.482 original page views
  • 1.523 posts

The rest is boring detailed stuff. Hmm, would have been nice if I made it to 2.000 posts and 450.000 page views but why wait now that I found my WordPress password back?

Anyway, welcome on my new bloggy, have fun and thx for watching.

Orca Flotta


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