A New Boat

Today The Topsail (what a cool avie name btw) sent me a new boat. No, actually 2 new boats but one of them is a replica of the schooner America, so a real oldtimer and automatically disqualified to find any mercy under Orca’s ever so sceptical eyes. The other one was much more to my liking, eventhough the hull is on rather classical lines as well. The Shields is a daysailer and rather capable one-design racing boat. Or let’s rather say she’s gonna be since neither the America nor the Shields is anywhere near completion. There go my plans to test her out at today’s LCC cruise :/

While the America is really just a hull right now the Shields does at least look like a functional boat already. Kinda like an IOD or Dragon, which are the only boats escaping my zero-tolerance-for-oldies policy. Looksie here:


As you can see she isn’t scripted yet, doesn’t even have sit targets. When I asked Topsail about it he told me she’s gonna get Burt’s Zephi engine and will be raceable on WWC. WOW, yeah, that’s a boat to look forward to. And now, what boat to use for the crusie? Only one logical choice: the new version M-24 of course. 🙂


  1. Burt’s Zephi engine does not exist.

    Zephi is for now an after market weather system for modifiable boats that use a WWC compatible engine made by Joy with some help by me and many betatesters.

    read more about Zephi: http://zephiwind.wix.com/zephi

    That said i did say i would fit the boat with an engine and will definatily uese Zephi as the boat weather system becourse it rocks!


    • Tell that Mr. Topsail, please, Burt. I have no intention of ever building a boat, ever. I much prefer sailing/crashing them and joke about ’em in my *flog.

      *fucking blog, a freshly invented word 😉


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